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Q:What kind of product can soluble soy polysaccharides be used?A:Calpis water, fermented milk drinks, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, drinking yoghurt, rice and noodles products, frozen products, flavors and fragrances, health products.Q: What is the optimum pH and effective range for soluble soybean polysaccharides in dairy products?A:The optimum pH range is 3.6-3.8; the effective range value is 3.0-4.2.Q:How to use soluble soy polysaccharides?A:When soluble soybean polysaccharide is directly soluble in water, it is easy to set up. Therefore, the following methods are commonly used for dissolution:a.   Slowly add it while stirringb.   Dissolve soluble soy polysaccharides little by little with high speed mixer.c.    Mix soluble soy polysaccharides w...
1. Quality Index Physical and chemical indexItemsSpecificationColor and AppearanceWhite to light yellow powderSmell and TasteNormal, without unpleasant odorMoisture (%)≤7.0Protein Content (on Dry Basis) (%)≤8.0Ash Content (on Dry Basis) (%)≤10.0Fat (%)≤0.5Soluble Polysaccharides (%)≥70.0Viscosity (10% water solution, 20±0.5℃/mPa·s)30~100 Gelling Formation (10% sol)No gel-forming ( Cool conditions at 4℃after boiling)pH Value (1% Sol)5.5±1.0Transparency (%)≥40Arsenic(mg/kg)≤0.5Lead (mg/kg)≤1.0Microbiological IndexItemsSpecificationTotal Plate Count (cfu/g)≤500 Coliforms (MPN/100g)≤30Pathogenic Bacteria(Intestinal pathogens and pathogenic cocci)Not detectedMould and Yeast (cfu/g)≤502. Nutrition InformationItemPer 100gNRV%Energy766kJ9%Protein...
1. Readily Solubility and Excellent Stability for ProteinSoluble soy polysaccharides can be dissolved in both cold and hot water. When formulating 10% solution, there is no gelation. As a stabilizer, it can be used in low pH value acidic milk drinks and drinking yoghurt to hold protein matters and improve stability of product. 2. High Stability and Endurance to Heat, Acid and SaltSoluble soy polysaccharides is rarely affected by heat, acid, salt and can remain great stability. In the range of pH 2-12, soluble soy polysaccharides can present great stability and its viscosity shows good reversibility in this pH range. Even in a strong acid environment (pH 2), soluble soy polysaccharides does not form gelation. This is different from pectin and sodium alginate. When adding different concentr...
CNS NO.: 20.044      INS No.: E426Functions: Thickener, emulsifier, film agent, anti-caking agentFood CodeFood NameMaximum Usage/(g/kg)FunctionRemark02.04Desserts contained with fat10.0Emulsibility03.0Frozen drinks (except 03.04 edible ice)10.0Emulsibility and enhance freezability06.02.02Rice products10.0Prevent starch aging and anti-adhesion06.03.02Wheat flour products10.0Prevent starch aging06.05.02Starch products10.0Prevent starch aging06.07Rice and noodles products10.0Prevent starch aging and anti-adhesion06.08Frozen rice and noodle products10.0Prevent starch aging and enhance freezability07.0Bakery products10.0Prevent starch aging and emulsibility14.0Beverages(except 14.01 packaged water)10.0Thickener, protein  stabilizer, increase mouth feelF...
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