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Q:What is the structure of pectin?A:Pectin is mainly composed of Homogalacturonan region (HG), Rhamnogalacturonan-I (RGI) and Rhamnogalacturonan-II (RGII). Among them, HG accounts for more than 60%, and it is a long-chain macromolecular substance obtained by linking D-galacturonic acid through α-1,4 glycosidic bonds. The outstanding feature of the pectin structure is that the main chain is long and the side chains are short.Q:How does pectin stabilize protein matters?A:Pectin mainly stabilizes the protein by electrostatic repulsion on the surface of casein by adsorption on the surface of the casein. The negative charge carried by the pectin can change the whole casein micelle from positively charged to negatively charged by electrostatic induction. Mutual exclusion avoids the occurrence of...
Product Name ModelFeaturesApplicationsSoy fiberSF-FCreamy white or slight yellow powder,pure taste of soy fiber, good water absorption abilityFillings, premixed powder, solid drinks, nutrition products, high fiber products, spicy gluten, etcSF-MCreamy white or slight yellow powder, pure taste of soy fiber, fine powder, good water absorption ability, good emulsibilityMeat products, Qianye Tofu, nutrition products, solid drinks, etc. SF-DDecolorized and deodorized, oyster white powder, no bean smell, soft taste, superior water absorption ability Yogurt, quark and other dairy products
Q:In drinking yoghurt, what are the advantages and disadvantages of different stabilizers such as soluble soy polysaccharides, pectin, agar, CMC, PGA, guar gum and gum arabic?A:Please see below:CategoryNatural or notAcid resistanceViscosityMouth feel(refreshing)RemarkSSPS√++++++++++++good solubility, low viscosity, refreshing tastePectin√+++++++++++Good taste, medium viscosity, good stability and emulsibilityAgar√+++++++++++Full taste, provides the characteristic consistency of dairy productsCMC×+++++/+++++++Affect normal fermentation, stick wallPGA×++++++++++Guar gum√+++++++++Gum arabic√+++++++++Remark: When “+”increases, related indicators gradually increase
TypeApplicationFunctionTJ-300 SeriespH3.2~4.5 acidified milk drinks, drinking yoghurt, acidic soy milk, protein water etc.Good protein stability, refreshing mouth feel with low viscosity, no water seperationTJ-200 SeriesRice and noodles products, such as sushi, udon etc. Anti adhesion, improve  quality and structure of productTJ-100 SeriesEmulsion flavor, emulsifier, chemical industry etc.Good emulsifying and coating propertiesBeer, ice creamGood foaming ability, enhance the taste and inhibit the formation of ice crystalsPharmaceuticals such as disintegrating agentGood acid resistance and solubility
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