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Q:What is soluble soy polysaccharides? How about its molecular formula, molecular weight and CAS NO.?A:Soluble soy polysaccharides is extracted from non-GMO soy or soy flake by the process of defatted, extraction, purification, sterilization and drying. It is mainly composed by galactose, arabinose, galacturonic acid, rhamnose, fucose, xylose and glucose. These moleculars are connected by 1,4-glycosidic bonds and 1,6-glycosidic bonds. Soluble soy polysaccharides is a kind of soluble polysaccharides and can also be called soluble soy fiber.Molecular formula:N/AMolecular weight:The molecular weight of soluble soy polysaccharides ranges from 5000 to 1000000 u,CAS NO.:9034-32-6Q:What composition is soluble soy polysaccharides?A:Please see below figure:            ...
Soluble soy polysaccharides is a water-soluble dietary fiber, which is extracted from Non-GMO soybean. Soluble soy polysaccharides can be used in acidified milk drinks and drinking yoghurt. It can provide excellent protein stability and refreshing taste with low viscosity. In addition, soluble soy polysaccharides can also be widely used in carbonated beverages, cocktail, rice and noodles products, disintegrating agent and so on. Thus soluble soy polysaccharides receives increasing attention from global market.Soluble soy polysaccharides is also called soy polysaccharides, soybean hemicellulose (E426), soluble soy fiber and SSPS in short. Soluble soy polysaccharides is extracted from soy flake by the process of defatted, extraction, purification, sterilization and drying. Below is productio...
Soy fiber is a food material which is extracted from Non-GMO soybean. It is processed by purification, separation, drying, pulverization etc. Flow Chart
Q:What’s the structure of soluble soy polysaccharides?A:Structure of soluble soy polysaccharides: The backbone consists of a long chain of polyglucone galacturonic acid (GN) and a short chain of polygalacturonic acid (RG). The neutral side chain consists of a homogalactosyl group and an arabinose group. The arabinose is located in the side chain of the poly-rhospose galacturonic acid backbone. The polygalacturonic acid short chain is modified by arabinose, xylose, trehalose and glucose. The feature is that the side chains are long and the main chain is short. The overall structure is shown below:Q:How does soluble soy polysaccharides stabilize protein matters?A:The main principle of soluble soy polysaccharides to wrapped around the casein, and the steric hindrance formed by the adsorption ...
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