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Case Application of Soy Fiber in Various Foods

Application of Soy Fiber in Various Foods

Date: 2018-12-18
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1. Application of Soy Fiber in Fermented Milk


A. As a crude fiber, soy fiber can not be digested and absorbed by the human body. Soy fiber catch customers’ attention as a clean label product.

B. Can be used as a thickener to add into yogurt in order to provide a better structure and taste than modified starch.

C. Can be used as stabilizer to improve the stability of the product.

Application of Soy Fiber in Various Foods


2. Application of Soy Fiber in Meat Products


A. High water holding capacity which is conducive to the formation of the product structure to prevent syneresis.

B. Can be used in meat products to agglomerate the aroma components without dissipating

C. Can be used as a jelly in fish balls, beef balls, and others to provide a firm and chewy texture

D. To strengthen the protein content and partly replace soybean protein powder


3. Application of Soy Fiber in Spicy Gluten


A. Can be added into spicy gluten and it will provide a tender taste because of its water absorption ability.

B. Can be added into spicy gluten. Oil retention properties can improve products lustrousness.

C. Anti adhesion and convenient for industrial production.


     纤维在各类食品中的应用          纤维在各类食品中的应用

4. Application in Pastry, Stuffing, Baking Products

A. Can be used as filling and adhesion agent in pasting and stuffing, it can increase the viscosity of sugar solution, prevent collapsing and damaging of final products.  

B. Soy fiber has strong water-holding capacity and emulsibility. It can provide unique flavour for pastry, stuffing, and soft texture, also extend shelf-life.

C. In baking products, it can increase plasticity of dough, decrease elasticity. As a result, the dough is easy to shape and the product has a good chewiness and is more crispy.

D. Soy fiber can produce volatile substances, reinforce fiber, and increase the flavor of biscuits to make it have a unique flavor.

     纤维在各类食品中的应用          纤维在各类食品中的应用

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