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Case R&D Strength

R&D Strength

Date: 2018-12-18
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R&D Strength

1. Independent R&D lab is established in Zhengzhou and Pingdingshan city.

2. Advanced experimental facilities: UHT, GEA homogenizer, HPIC, AKTA AVANT, Brookfield viscometer, GE ultrafiltration,imported thermoelectric centrifuge, spray dryer, freeze dryer, fermentation cylinder imported from Germany, it can simulate many types of testing conditions to provide comprehensive technical supports for customers.

3. Cooperate with East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, the state key laboratory from Jiangnan University, and national engineering laboratory of grain(wheat)  intensive processing from Henan University of Technology, to deeply study the soybean industry and continuously improve the technical content and level of the products.

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