How can we say innovation?
How to say innovation is immutable and frozen
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Case Product Solutions
Case Product Solutions
说明: 1. Advantages:A. Compare with traditional yogurt, adding SSPS can provide a refreshing and smooth taste.B. Does not affect the fermentation process and the texture of final product. Therefore, it can be added before fermentation. C. Can be combined with other gum, such as: pectin, starch, PGA, agar, gellan gum, etc.D. Reduce the texture of powder to enhance the smoothness of the product. E. Excellent stability and suitable for UHT, pasteurization, and other sterilization process. 2. Production Process:A. Chill Fermented Dairy Product - adding stabilizer before fermentation    B. Ambient Fermented Dairy Products - adding stabilizer before fermentation    C. Chill Fermented Dairy Products - adding stabilizer after fermentation   ...
说明: 1. Advantages:A. Compare with other colloids, SSPS has an unique refreshing and non-sticky taste.B. Can be soluble in cold water; good solubility and without gelling; easy to operate in the workshop.C. Provide a good protection and stability to protein and prevent preceipitation and water separating.D. Can be compound with other colloids, such as pectin, agar, PGA, etc.E. Can be applied to products such as milk beverages, probiotic drinks, juice probiotic drinks, and protein water etc.2. Production Process:   A. Browning Fermented Dairy Drinks    B. Calpis
说明: 1. Advantages:A. Low viscosity and provide refreshing tasteB. Ensure the stability to protein and reduce the destruction to protein molecules caused by temperature, acidity and alcohol in order to reduce the precipitation at the bottomC. Can be stored for a long time under various temperature conditions; low requirements on storage environment and extend shelf life for final products  D. Prevent bitter, peculiar, and unpleasant odor; promote to release the aroma of products2. Production Process:
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