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SSPS Characteristics and Functions

Product name: SSPS Characteristics and Functions
Time: 2018-12-17

1. Readily Solubility and Excellent Stability for Protein

Soluble soy polysaccharides can be dissolved in both cold and hot water. When formulating 10% solution, there is no gelation. As a stabilizer, it can be used in low pH value acidic milk drinks and drinking yoghurt to hold protein matters and improve stability of product.


2. High Stability and Endurance to Heat, Acid and Salt

Soluble soy polysaccharides is rarely affected by heat, acid, salt and can remain great stability. In the range of pH 2-12, soluble soy polysaccharides can present great stability and its viscosity shows good reversibility in this pH range. Even in a strong acid environment (pH 2), soluble soy polysaccharides does not form gelation. This is different from pectin and sodium alginate. When adding different concentration of metal cations, such as NaCl, KCl, CaCl2, to 10% soluble soy polysaccharides water solution, the viscosity of soluble soy polysaccharides does not change substantially. In another words, soluble soy polysaccharides would not react with these metal cations. Therefore, soluble soy polysaccharides can be used in salty foods and would not change their rheological properties.


3. Low Viscosity and Refreshing Mouth Feeling

Compared with other stabilizers, soluble soy polysaccharides has lower viscosity and can improve refreshing mouth feel. The figure below shows the viscosity comparison of soluble soy polysaccharides with other common gums in the same solution concentration.


4. Rich in Dietary Fiber

Soluble soy polysaccharides contains rich soluble dietary fiber and is one of the sources of dietary fiber supplements. 


5. Good Film Forming, Emulsifying and Foam Stability

Soluble soy polysaccharides has good anti adhesion, film forming, emulsifying and foam holding properties. It can be widely used in sushi, long life noodles, fish balls and other frozen foods, edible coating agents, flavors and fragrances, sauces, beer and other fields.

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