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1. Environmental Initiatives

We adhere to the environment policy of“implementing comprehensive pollution control, promoting clean production, creating green springs, and building a harmonious environment and achieve“. Solid waste is 100% treated legally and the discharge of waste water is 100% meet the standard”. In 2016, the sewage treatment system was rebuilt and on-line monitoring equipment was equipped. Thus, the water treatment system is under the supervision of the environmental protection department. In this case, our company and environmental department both ensure the sewage water was treated before discharged. In order to create a better environment, we also improved landscaping to provide a greener surroundings.

2. Food Safety

We always adhere to the philosophy of “quality first and customer first”and to provide the best products and service to customers worldwide. The company has established a strict quality health management system and complete internal and external food safety management system. We also adopts an advanced international management model and  set up a system to control each step. We ensure to strictly control the raw material, production process, finished product inspection, and warehouse logistics. We test each batch of product according to the national standards to ensure the food safety in all aspects of production process. As we all know that food safety is the fundamental of a company and we need to provide the best quality products in order to ensure the company realize a steady and sustainable growth.

3. Provide green and healthy food ingredient

We use the leading technology of extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, and ultra-fine pulverization to produce the ingredient: soy fiber and soluble soy polysaccharides. It can replace chemically synthesized food materials. It is our mission to provide green and healthy food ingredient to our customers.

Social Responsibility

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